The name Finisterre proceeds from the Latin finis terrae, end of the land, where Roman legions believed they were at the end of the land as they watched the sinking of the sun into the blue waters. The power, strength and dominance of the land suddenly shifted to the mighty sea. Los Cabos is the finisterre of the Baja California Peninsula, the arm of Mexico which merges into the vast ocean and creates one of the most exclusive natural wonders, divides the Pacific Ocean from the Sea of Cortez. Christened "The World’s Aquarium" by renowned French ocean explorer Jacques Costeau, the Sea of Cortez is filled with a large number of indigenous marine species making it the perfect spot for water lovers and adventurers.

Spanish conquerors first discovered Los Cabos in the 16th century and it remained a busy trading port and stop over for pirates until rediscovered as a sport fishing mecca in the mid-1900’s. Accessible only by small plane, long range yacht, or anyone willing to travel 1000 miles of rutted dirt roads to get here, Los Cabos was a virgin territory for those looking for a peaceful getaway. As time has progressed, the flow of visitors has increased. Nevertheless, the opportunity to experience an adventure and enjoy long-awaited quiet time at an exclusive location has not yet diminished.

Today, Los Cabos is a thriving hub for adventure seekers where fishing, diving, and golfing are bar none. Golf courses rank among the best in the world and dive sports off the East Cape rival spots in Australia and the Pacific Rim while the largest Marlin tournament is held in Los Cabos every year. To complement the plethora of activities Los Cabos has to offer, residential developments and the traditional Mexican hospitality transform every visitor into a member of the community.

With an international airport, Los Cabos is now geographically accessible from all parts of the world. You might even catch a glimpse of a celebrity or two catching some rays on the beach or laying by the pool at one of our exclusive beach clubs. Los Cabos can make dreams come true: a fun-filled vacation, the opportunity to own a beautiful second home, or even a great place to relocate. It’s a piece of paradise located right where the land ends.


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